Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday Night Love

     It started out as a very calm and peaceful night.  Our boys had other plans, but once our girls were done with their assigned tasks at home, they made their way to the hospital.  Harris was in the recliner all day, and I was all situated in a chair, so the only other seating option in our little hospital room at the time was the bed or the chair holding all the extra pillows which happened to be stuck in a corner.  The girls didn't mind cozying up on the bed together and quietly giggled over some pictures they were looking at on Facebook.   

     After a while we decided to rearrange the room, which was no small task.  We have cords everywhere in here, and every time something gets moved, it's like a little jigsaw puzzle that has to be put back together just right.  Eventually we got it all figured out. 

     While I was out of the room taking a phone call, they all decided it was time for Harris to walk.  They walked by the waiting room that I was sitting in, and they just made me smile.  Harris had a very determined look on his face, but the girls were just smiling and giggling the whole time.  I raced back to the room so I could grab my camera and take a picture, but they were too quick, so we posed at the entrance of party room 3238.  He was so happy today to get out of his hospital gown and into some real clothes!  And yes, he agreed to let me post this, which shows just a portion of his incision.  It's probably 12-13 inches long. 

     It was shortly after that that the fun and games really began.  Haley found the stethoscope that Jenny had asked for last night, so she thought she'd check out Harris's heartbeat while he was engrossed in an Indiana Jones movie.

     They thought it would be cute to take a picture of me doing what I've been doing a lot of doing.  
Thank goodness for my cell phone and my computer so I can stay connected with the outside world!

Haley attempted to do some homework in the corner, but I don't think much was accomplished. 

Kelsey and I then made Haley take a picture of us singing along to whatever song Kelsey chose for us to listen to on her iPod.  See more cords going to each of our ears.
(I was actually told to be quiet several times.)
(And yes, that's a coffee spill on my shirt.)

I'm not sure what was really going on here,
but let's just say it was getting a little rowdy in the room. 

It was Harris's idea for us to take a picture of all of us holding up our coffee mugs
and him holding up his urinal thingamabob. 


We didn't dare go get the nurse.  We had to use the self-timer. 
Nope, we didn't even trip over any cords!

Who says you can't have a little fun in a hospital room?!?

Hopefully the walls are soundproof. 


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