Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Update

     We're nearing the end of day six of Harris's hospital stay.  Every day he shows a little more improvement, but as of this morning, there was still no real mention of when he can go home.  He's making slow but steady improvement every single day, but his body is just not ready for release yet.  He's adding a little more food to his system all the time, but it's still things such as creamy soups or puddings.  A few spoonfuls at a time is not very much, but he's been advised to not push it and let his body be his guide.  If it doesn't sound good, don't eat it.  If you feel full, stop.  It's amazing how the body knows what needs to happen.  He's still a little bloated and winded when he takes his walks, and that's part of why he's still here.  He's still on the morphine pump, and he needs to transition to oral meds when he's on more food.  The great news is that he got to take a real shower today!!!  No more baby wipes or shampoo caps for my man, and he couldn't be happier!  It's been a very slow but steady process, but evidently it is all very normal and expected.

     Throughout this whole experience, our kids have just done a phenomenal job of taking over on the homefront and meeting whatever needs arise amongst them.  When I go home at night, the house has been cleaned up and looking decent.  Cleaning got done on Saturday, laundry is under control, and some groceries were purchased.  They are greeting people who bring food and eating whatever has been provided.  They've come to visit whenever possible and bring me supper and coffee.  Their attitudes have been great, and no talk of Christmas wants has come out of their mouths.  On top of all of that, they have stayed on top of their own personal schedules and their homework, and they just make us proud.  We are so incredibly blessed!

     That doesn't mean there's not an occasional display of emotions.  The level of stress in our home for the last long while has been very high, and once in a while, they just have to get it out and talk it through with us.  Last night was one of those nights.  We had some heart-to-heart moments and shedding of tears.  Please keep them all in your prayers.  Heath and Haley both have finals all week long.  Kelsey and Keaton opted to just stay back tonight and have a night of normalcy.  I can't blame them one bit. 

     As for me, it has just been a very deliberate conscious choice to set other stressors aside for the time being and just try to strictly focus on the needs of my husband and my children.  There is nothing on this earth that I would rather do than love on my family, and I am one very blessed woman to have been given such special people to cherish. 

     Nothing real profound on my heart to share tonight.  Just a heart of thankfulness. 



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  1. Love to you all....keep up the good work of healing!