Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Life In Pictures

     Where, oh, where has June gone?

     There could be pictures of many house and lawn projects . . . or of piles and piles of laundry from when our washing machine broke down and we were forced to go to the local "Scrub Pub" . . . or of a garden where everything seems to be flourishing EXCEPT the section where I've planted beans and beets TWICE and still aren't coming up through the ground.  So frustrating! 

     But we'll just share the fun stuff . . .

Two dance recital weekends for Kelsey

Haley's week of summer camp with her cousin Karson

Kelsey's been going to swim practice nearly every weekday and goes on a run
with her cousin Shanda once in a while.

Heath is driving again!!!  Yeah!

Five-day trip to Atlanta, Georgia, for the Primerica convention in the Georgia Dome!
So proud of Harris for placing 7th in the nation in the long-term care category, which earned us a trip across stage in front of 40,000 people to claim our trophy!

Heath was sent a $100 gift card after he returned a lost cell phone to someone, so we were able to enjoy Father's Day at Biaggi's!  That was much better than eating pizza in the hospital room for Mother's Day!

Keaton's piano recital

College orientation weekend for Haley and me 
And that's where June 2011 went!  July, here we come!

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