Friday, May 6, 2011

The Truth

     Time is short for me this morning, but here's the way it is at our house:

     Emotions are raw.

     Circumstances and choices are hard.

     Stress level is high. 

But God is still on the throne. 

     Please pray for our kids today.  For safety as they come and go this weekend.  For plans yet to be made and for peace with all the plans that have been forced to change.  For comfort, peace, and assurance as they process all their emotions, fears, and feelings.  For wisdom in dealing with tricky situations. 

     Please pray for Harris.  Between the morphine and the NG tube, he was able to maintain a pretty decent comfort level yesterday, but he's ready to get on with the next six weeks of his life and get back to normal.  His surgery is at 12:30 today.  Pray that the surgeon will find a colon that is healthy and clean enough to fix so a temporary colostomy can be avoided and pray that this time the surgery will be effective and that the recovery will be much smoother and quick. 

     And of course, you can pray for me.  You can pray for whatever you think a woman whose husband is in the hospital and who has four busy kids who've learned a whole lot about the uncertainties of life might need.  When my family hurts, I hurt, and there's just been a whole lot of hurting going on around here.  It's been quite a year for our family, and I'm sure that we're all becoming stronger because of it, but we're just pretty ready to get back to some kind of normal, whatever normal is.   

     Then know that you are loved and appreciated, enjoy this beautiful spring day, and do something to celebrate the life God has given you. 

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  1. Jackie~we are praying! Praying that you bear up well under the suffering, that God will comfort you and give you peace in the midst of difficult circumstances. I see (as I'm sure you do) God's faithfulness to you and in you. Praise Him for that! I love reading your heart---I'm sure you continue to give others hope in the middle of their tough times. love you sister, Sue