Thursday, April 14, 2011

Highly Motivated

     When I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning, Harris wanted to continue sleeping until 10 because he knew the nurses were coming back in then to take him for his first walk, so that gave me the perfect little chunk of time to make a couple phone calls from the waiting room.  It had been a good night but with lots of interruptions from the nurses throughout the night.

     So when I got back to his room, the nurses were there and ready to get him up.  I figured he would maybe stagger his way down the hall to the next room or two and come right back, but off they went towards the nurses' station down the hall and around the corner!!!  He amazed all of us with how fast he was able to move and how far he was willing to go!  We decided that he was highly motivated because he knows that he can't get out of there and move on with life until he can pass gas and move foods from A to Z.  The word "pudding" had come up in the conversation, and that was just enough worth striving for in his mind.  The TV came on for the first time last night, and up until yesterday, he never realized just how many commercials focus on food, and it was all a big tease for him.  His diet yesterday consisted of three popsicles and a cup of beef broth, so it will be interesting to see what he gets today.  The nurses said that he was gurgling pretty good down there, and they wouldn't be surprised if a little farting action may happen today!  That's the main goal right now.

     Other than a couple visitors in the morning and all of us throughout the evening, the day was relatively quiet, which was good because he was able to rest quite a bit.  I slipped away midafternoon for a few hours so that I could take a little nap and tend a few things here at home.  That was a vivid reminder that life does go on outside that tiny little hospital room as I found myself inundated with some messages on our office phone and the reality of Harris's computer still not working properly after three weeks' worth of issues.  I spent an hour of my time at home on the phone with yet another tech support guy, and we finally determined that the next course of action on that is the one that I was dreading the most because it will mean I get to spend hours and hours reloading programs and data.  Sounds like a great project for us to anticipate once he's back home, doesn't it?  I'm kidding. 

     Everyone's spirits were pretty good yesterday, but life is going on for all of us, and we're all a little torn with how to juggle everything we need and want to do.  Our hearts are at the hospital, but school and work obligations have a way of keeping us from following our hearts as much as we would like.  Pray for our kids, Heath especially, would you?  He's nearing the end of his semester, so projects are becoming due.  Stress and lack of sleep are two things that he needs to avoid to have the best chance of being seizure free, and those are harder than usual to avoid right now.  June 9 is the target date of when he can drive again, and he can hardly wait.  His last seizure was right after his first semester, and we would just be devastated if that were to happen again. 

     Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for praying and your acts of love towards us.  If anyone does want to visit Harris, he's in room 3231 at Genesis East.  The longer he's there, the more he'll probably appreciate being able to see people.  God bless you all!

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